About Us​

PawFit is a boutique dog walking and concierge service for dogs that is locally owned in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are all about dog fitness, but we take good care of other pets too. We love them all. We know life gets busy. We also know that pet parents want the very best for their pet. Sometimes the best help can be hard to find. 

PawFit holds itself to the highest standards in pet care. We are here for you and your furry little loved one.

Our Mission

We provide premium dog walking  and concierge services to dogs for pet parents. 

We serve pet parents, busy professionals, energetic breeds and those who really want their dog to be a part of special moments in their lives. 

Our routine walks and exercise provide dogs with more time being active; thereby, reducing anxiety, depression and health problems. In turn, pet parents have peace of mind that their dog is getting the best out of life when it comes to their dog’s mental, emotional and physical health.

Reasons To Love Us:

We are a local insured business and carry supplemental insurance equivalent to being bonded.

Our walkers are cetified in dog behavior and receive ongoing training.

We help create memories at your special event

You won’t get a random walker who works for a tech company. You get a dog walker who cares about dogs

What are you wagging for...