MEET AND GREET IS FREE! Walking Service Area: 85251, 85259


This is for the dog that likes to get out and move those legs on a schedule. Get on the calendar for two days a week for one month. 


 Looking good, but you already knew that! Scheduled walks for three days a week for one month. 


Don’t talk to me…I’m busy. This dog is practically PawFit in every way! Scheduled walks are five times a week for one month. Let’s talk treads*. 

PawFit is a boutique dog walking  and Concierge service. No matter what kind of walker your dog is, contact us and we will set up the right regimen that works best for you and your pet. Always let your best friend be a part of the special moments in your life by using our Concierge Services.

Send us a hello using our Contact form.  We will be happy to get you set up with a virtual meet and greet.

We do not schedule less than two walks per week. Each member is committed to one month of walks with the same walker. This creates a bond with you, your dog and the walker.

Large and Medium dogs are not walked in groups (exception if two or more dogs live in the same home and get along with each other). This is for your dog’s safety. Our walkers are one on one walkers. Small dogs can join groups of no larger than three.

Our walking services currently do not charge extra for weekend walks.

All walks offer water

We do offer dog runs as an add-on service. Treads are available to homeowners.

Pet parents can track a walk with GPS and walkers will always snap a photo at the start of the walk and at the end of the walk.

If you cannot be home during the walk, we will have to arrange access to the home. *See Covid-19 safety guidelines for details.

PawFit Pass: This is a special rate/ Special offer. We will post these offers from time to time.

Make it a Gift: Our Packages and Services are great as gifts for all Occasions: Newlyweds, Birthdays, Holidays or Just Because.

Concierge Services are offered for special events – call for pricing, Our Concierge service is available at most locations even out of Town.

VISIT OUR BOOTH AT THE GREAT BRIDAL EXPO! Register at: enter this special code: PFFTEX. This code will entitle those who register for the event 2 free tickets compliments of PawFit!

Our Covid 19 guidelines are listed for your convenience:

Sanitation: Our staff will wear masks . Crate handles, door handles and keys should be sanitized by pet parents before walkers have contact. Walkers will be supplied with hand sanitizer and refills. They will sanitize hands before and after each walk. Gloves make the hands rather sweaty while outdoors; however, walkers who are not bothered by this, will wear gloves.

Minimal Contact:  Hand off from pet parent to walker is with minimal contact. Walkers are to keep a 6 foot distance as much as possible and hand off is done outside the home.

Entryway Pick-up: If no one is home during the pick-up, Please make arrangements with walker for home access. Dog crate should be set as close to the door as possible. If pet owners can supply foot booties, our walkers will gladly slip them on before entering any part of your home. Dog walkers are to spend minimal time inside client  home.

Safe walks: Staff will keep a safe distance from others during walks, and will have no contact with other individuals or pets.

Coronavirus precaution: PawFit has a health system in place that makes sure walkers are working with no indication of fever.

Reporting contact or illness: Our staff is obligated to report any contact they have had with a sick individual. Walkers will not be able to do walks if they run a fever, have symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is sick. Your dog’s secondary walker will be assigned. Walkers who have tested positive for Coronavirus or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, will be required to self quarantine for 14 days before returning to scheduled walks.